What is E-Commerce?

E- Commerce, generally known as Electronic commerce (online retail), exists as a type of industry. In Ecommerce industry buying and selling of goods or service is processed over electronic systems like Internet and other computer or online networks. The main advantage of e-commerce is to sell products directly through retail stores to public or target audience. Online retail or electronic commerce falls on technologies such as pricing management, Email providers, cart recovery, Tracking, Banking, ecommerce web design, ecommerce web development ,SEO services, PPC services, social media marketing services and Product Data management. Ecommerce contains a very broad area of the market. Ecommerce is fully dedicated to business-to-business (B2B) sales or wholesale activity.

It occupies most area of the market. Mostly Ecommerce refers to the selling ecommerce services. In ecommerce the transaction is being online. In general we can say that website where transaction is made online called ecommerce website. For example, you can buy or sell such types of things with the help of ecommerce:

Ecommerce in History

Over the few decades information technology and computing technology have improved very rapidly. Now simple, computers have connected to worldwide web network. A computer system of a particular company could share the data with another company’s system. But, the main problem was the format of file and other documents was different of every company. To solve this issue American National Standards Institute (ANSI) invented a technique ASC X12. It is a universal format to share the data and files worldwide.

In 1960, ARPAnet was developed than Terminal Interface Processor (TIP) was developed to dial into the ARPAnet with a personal computer. 1982, was the year of a drastic change. In the year of 1982the ARPAnet was switched to transmission Internet Protocol and Internet protocol or TCP/IP. It is just called packet switched technique, which is the base of new age of the internet.

E-Commerce was introduced in California at very first time in the world. In 1979, Michael Aldrich comes up with the idea of online shopping. First hearing on electronic commerce held by California State Assembly in 1983, in Volcano, California. Compu Serve launched the Electronic Mail in USA & Canada in April 1984. It was the first official ecommerce service. So, California is the first state where ecommerce service was founded and worked. In 1960s, primitive computer networks were in use to handle electronic transaction for businesses. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) was the backbone of electronic transaction at that time.

A great researcher Tim Berners-Lee; member of European Organization for Nuclear Research invented the theory of hypertext-based web in 1990. A user can navigate using an easy interface called; browser. Tim Berners-Lee named it "WorldWideWeb". As well as National Science Foundation lifted a ban on commercial businesses operations over the internet in 1991.

Now, it was the time to discover browser with the new functions. Marc Andreesen introduced first web browser in 1993, named Mosaic. A high security protocol Secure Socket Layer (SSL) was included in that browser. SSL encrypts the message at both the ends, i.e. sending and receiving end. It ensures that the all personal details can encrypt when it goes to internet.

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